Single Slam: The Worst Liar by In Silence

In Silence is a female fronted modern melodic metal band from Karlstad, Sweden. Since forming in 2016, the band has climbed the Swedish metal scene with the reputation of being a fresh, innovative band with melodic elements, powerful and heavy songs, as well as softer touches, resulting in a mysterious mix. In Silence performed numerous national and international shows in 2018, including ”Raise Your Fist For Metal Festival”.

In 2019 In Silence are officially booked to perform at the biggest rock/metal festival in Sweden, Sweden Rock Festival. New music has been released, including the EP “One For All” and the new single “The Worst Liar”, out now!

Fast and heavy, the thrash influences are strong in The Worst Liar but the clean and powerful female vocals take it in a different direction. Dominating the track, the riffs back up what is a stellar vocal performance that has way more of a meaty growl while since being deliciously clean.

Short but tight, The Worst Liar is a rollicking metal track that doesn’t overstay its welcome! Whereas the ‘b-side’ is a bit more gothic but equally as thrilling as the guitar riffs take hold and refuse to let go. A powerful double performance from this up and coming band!


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The Worst Liar by In Silence
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