Single Slam: That’ll Do, Pig / Pinch Me by Muscle Vest

Formed in late 2018 via a “musicians wanted” ad and a mutual love of noise-rock, Muscle Vest is a brand new London five piece which has so far been compared to Daughters, Pissed Jeans, USA Nails, The Jesus Lizard and Melvins. Earlier this summer, on the hottest day of the year, they entered the notoriously brilliant Bear Bites Horse studio in Hackney to record with the one and only Wayne Adams of Big Lad.

The end result was two songs, That’ll Do, Pig and Pinch Me due to be released on October 15th 2019.

London-based noise rock, what really appeals about Muscle Vest’s That’ll Do, Pig is that city twang to the vocals. It’s far from the only thing that makes it a great track though.

Muscle Vest pack a serious punch with something very chaotic but something that is kind of catchy too. The fire in their bellies coming out in an almost punky fashion although the roaring noise behind the vocals is pure noise rock. It’s a banger that has all the rawness but none of the mess.

The second track is the very short all out assault of Pinch Me, a raging torrent of punk-infused heavy noise. No slowing down for even a second, just a little over a minute of wild heaviness.

Two wonderful showcases of noise rock. These Londoner’s are ones to watch.

Muscle Vest – That’ll Do, Pig Full Track Listing:

1. That’ll Do, Pig
2. Pinch Me




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That'll Do, Pig / Pinch Me by Muscle Vest
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