Single Slam – Spectral War by Cavalera Conspiracy (Psychosis)

Cavalera Conspiracy have released their second single from their soon to be released new album. That single is called Spectral War. Spectral War will feature on the band’s 4th studio album, Psychosis. Psychosis will be released via Napalm Records on the 17th of November. Psychosis follows 2014’s really strong release, Pandemonium. You can read our thoughts on that album here.

The first single released was called Insane and it was intense and heavy. A really awesome track. Read our thoughts on that here.

Cavalera Conspiracy are Max and Igor Cavalera. Max is, of course, on guitars and vocals and Igor, on drums. Marc Rizzo is on lead guitar and, when touring, Tony Campos is on the bass.

Spectral War

Spectral War follows Insane perfectly by being really heavy and really catchy. Going more for a crunching, riff heavy groove than Insane’s out and out blasting, Spectral War delivers from the off. Starting with a slightly muffled riff, a few seconds in it explodes into full volume with pounding, rhythmic drums and a crunching riff. The vocals are heavy throughout, delivered in Max’s recognisable style of short, sharp sentences dripping in menace. There is a huge bass tone throughout the song as it pummels you consistently.

As the track progresses, a high pitched guitar line starts to appear in the background adding yet another layer of depth to the song. Nearing the end the track moves into a really good guitar solo that is played over the same chunky riff as the rest of the track. As the solo ends we get some spaced out drum hits before an ominous, dark sounding riff starts fading in and then finally another short guitar solo. This fades out to some eerie effects that sound, well, spectral.

Preview the track here –

Spectral War is a crushingly heavy song with brilliant riffs and immensely powerful drumming. Fans of Max and Igor, Cavalera Conspiracy or just heavy music in general rejoice. Psychosis is sounding awesome so far. Two singles in and they are close to faultless.

Preorders for the new album are available from Napalm Records. You can pick up the preorder, the single and more from the band at the links below the article. Keep up to date with Cavalera Conspiracy news at their website, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to give them a like and follow while you are there.

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Spectral War by Cavalera Conspiracy (Psychosis)
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