Single Slam – Run by Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have released a brand new single called Run. With no build up and no prior announcements, the unexpected single was released on the 1st of June via RCA Records.  Foo Fighters have made it known they are working on new music but there has been no word on when, or if, a new album will be released. There is also no confirmation that Run is a single from the new album or just a stand alone.

Run marks the band’s first release since the Saint Cecilia EP was released in 2015. Foo Fighters have grown to be one of the largest and most influential rock bands in the world since forming in 1994. Originally just a one man project of the legend that is Dave Grohl, they now have 8 full length studio albums to their name and have headlined festivals all over the world. They will also headline Glastonbury this year.

Foo Fighters are fronted by Dave Grohl on vocals and rhythm guitar though, as we know from his days in bands like Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Probot, that he can play any instrument masterfully. Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear both also play lead/rhythm guitar and add backing vocals. Nate Mendel is the bassist while Taylor Hawkins looks after the drums.


Run is 5 and a half minutes long with a melodic intro. A gentle bass line, acoustic guitar and Dave’s clean vocals get the song going. The drum beat comes in and builds into a rocky beat. The guitars are quite distorted and have a pretty heavy feel to them. The vocals for the verses come in and there are actually some heavy vocal shouts. These shouts and the cymbal heavy drums give the track a real punk feel which is enjoyable.

A neat guitar lead comes in over a slower section which leads into a very good chorus. Dave sound’s great – doesn’t matter what music you like, this guy is a great rock singer. He rattles off the faster, angst filled lines like a man half his age and switches seamlessly into cleans when he needs too. The song nears the end with a fast instrumental section before heading back into the chorus. It ends with one last rocking blast of music played out while Dave draws out an extended yell.

Run is a great rock song and it is so nice to hear him make use of some of his metal tendencies as well as the commercial rock. It will go down a treat with fans and shows the world that Foo Fighters are still, probably, the biggest modern day rock band in existence.

Run was released alongside a typically comedic video, which can be seen here. Run is out now and can be picked up at all the usual music streaming services like Spotify, Apple music and Amazon. You can also get it from the links below.

Be sure to check out the Foo Fighters on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news on them, tours and further releases.

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Run by Foo Fighters
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