Single Slam: Tribe of Ghosts, Escuela Grind, and Skarlett Riot!

This single slam features Tribe of Ghosts, Escuela Grind, and Skarlett Riot. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Tribe of Ghosts – False Gods

Brighton’s industrial/post metal quartet Tribe Of Ghosts have released their new single ‘False Gods’ on all major streaming platforms and Bandcamp. False Gods is a grotesque fusion of 90’s R’n’B, aggressively sugary hyperpop, rave and sludge – all used to illustrate the mind of the ruling class. Lyrically pulling on conspiracies, rituals and climate destruction, Tribe Of Ghosts delve deep into the psychology of the lust for power whilst holding a mirror of society’s idolisation of malicious figures.

Explains vocalist Beccy Blaker:

With False Gods, we wanted to create something that would simultaneously seduce and disturb. We wanted to play on the idea that not only do a ruling class acquire suffering for power, but they are aroused by it. Using the trojan horse of a pop-song structure, we want the listener to wrestle with their morality and give them the space to pour out their rage at the state of the world and the feelings of powerlessness under the political elite.

Talk about a band on the rise, the past few years have been incredible for Tribe of Ghosts and the sense that they’re only getting started, is immensely strong. Especially as they continue to release banger track after banger track, and to emphasis that point, they have now dropped False Gods.

An ugly and abrasive synthesis of genres that come together in an infectious way. Marrying sounds and effects to give themselves a really robust industrial feel, one coated with an old-school vibe, and pairing that with metallised post. It’s an assault on the senses, both sonically and visually (the video is intense), and is another unforgettable effort from this band.

Escuela Grind – Ball and Chain

New England extreme metal powerhouse, Escuela Grind, have announced their new EP DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL, to be released 12th January 2024 via MNRK Heavy. The EP houses four new songs including the lead single, ‘Ball and Chain’, which is out now.

Says vocalist Katerina Economou:

DEEAATHHMMEETTAALL is the third installment of our EP series where we dive into the genres that most influence this band. Finishing this trilogy has been years in the works. We are so excited to release these songs as they are perhaps the best reflection of our live performance. The stage has honed these hectic songs to perfection. Originally we were going to have three songs on this EP, but we wanted to create another track that had a huge build-up. This eventually developed into this brutal song, ‘Ball and Chain’, that marks the point in our live shows where we have a wall of death every night. Lyrically, it references death metal tropes of murder and revenge, but with a decidedly feminine angle.

Death metal indeed, when you want some extreme in your ears, Escuela Grind are almost always the band to go to. Ball and Chain is the epitome of brutality and no-nonsense ferocity. As heavy as it gets, but with undeniable groove, that makes the whole package so much more exciting. Escuela Grind aim to break bones and it’s tracks like this that guarantee it.

Skarlett Riot – Hold Tight

Much-loved UK modern metal quartet Skarlett Riot return with their brand new single, ‘Hold Tight’, taken from the band’s upcoming NEW album (due 2024).

The band had this to say about their second single:

We are excited to bring you our 2nd new single this year ‘Hold Tight’. It’s ok not to be ok, ‘Hold Tight’ expresses the importance of speaking up about how we truly feel, reaching out to someone when times get tough and how no one should feel they have to face their problems alone.

It’s fair to say that the world has finally woken up to Skarlett Riot’s quality and it’s been wonderful to see them grow and improve over time. As 2023 comes to an end, they give us a taste of the future with a heart-wrenching and powerful metal anthem. A track with a ton of the ‘epics’ about it, blending the beauty of the clean vocals and the beastliness of the harsh vocals wonderfully well. It’s a massive ear-worm of a track.


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Tribe of Ghosts, Escuela Grind, and Skarlett Riot!
  • Tribe of Ghosts – False Gods - 10/10
  • Escuela Grind – Ball and Chain - 9/10
  • Skarlett Riot – Hold Tight - 8/10
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