Single Slam: Mastodon, Nightrage, The Blood Republic, Ewigkeit, Majestica, Emecia, Deserta, Bloodred Hourglass, Wolftopia, Ice Nine Kills and Say it Anyway!

This week’s single slam features Mastodon, Nightrage, The Blood Republic, Ewigkeit, Majestica, Emecia, Deserta, Bloodred Hourglass, Wolftopia, Ice Nine Kills and Say it Anyway. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Mastodon – Pushing the Tides

Mastodon are back and have an upcoming record titled Hushed And Grim coming out on October 29th, 2021. The release will be a follow-up to 2017’s Emperor of Sand and their Cold Dark Place EP. In anticipation of the album release, the band have released a brand new single called ‘Pushing The Tides’.

A wild bout of progressive noise, this is Mastodon getting in and getting out as fast and hard as they possibly can. A fast tempo doesn’t overshadow the classic intricates that we’ve come to love about the band. However, it’s also the band sticking to their more modern approach of catchy rhythms, head-banger beat and powerful choruses. Check it out here.

Nightrage – Swallow Me

Another quality melodeath track from one of the most criminally underrated bands there are. The lead guitar line is supremely infectious and I love the catchy chorus, especially the gang vocal shouts. There is an abundance of energy and attitude rolled up in the verses and an underlying groove that keeps your head banging away throughout. Solid.

The Blood Republic – Hurt

Grunge metal band, The Blood Republic are back with a brand-new track called Hurt.

A sexy set of riffs enhanced by powerful vocals that alternate between encouragingly croaky and smoothly heartfelt. The latter coming in the chorus that really had shades of Alice in Chains.

There’s a sorrowfulness to the overall tone but it’s not a sad song per se. Rather the lyrics have a froward thinking defiance to them and it makes you think of hopeful futures. Check it out here.

Ewigkeit – IX XI

Ewigkeit release a track to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The digital-only track ‘IX XI’ is an intense interpretation of the dramatic events in New York on the 11th of September 2001 – released on the 11th of September, the lyric video is online now.

James Fogarty, also of Norwegian band In The Woods.. and the UK’s Old Forest, comments:

9/11 is probably the most horrific event ever televised ‘live’ in real-time to the masses, who sat terrified, transfixed and appalled in complete safety at home. I was one of them. In the 20 years that have passed, we have all become desensitised to the images of commercial jet liners being flown into buildings full of innocent people from every corner of the globe, simply earning wages. The conspiracies of shadowy governments or the erroneous blaming of an entire religion don’t matter any more ; the world has moved on. Many wars have been fought and hundreds of thousands have died for absolutely nothing. Many have spent the last 20 years captive to a morbid obsession about the fine details of this pivotal moment in world history, and yet all that remains important about the 11th of September, 2001 is the deaths of 2977 innocent people at the hands of lunatics.

A powerful track about an event that shook the entire world, Ewigkeit pay tribute in their own unique and experimental way. The last word there – experimental – is key as this track is a difficult listen. The blend of black metal, synthesised voices and effects and recordings from the horrific event is certainly unique. It’s a very dark listen. Check it out here.

Majestica – Metal United

Epic power metal band Majestica have released a brand-new single called Metal United.

A thumping blast of fun, Majestica bring power metal highs with Metal United. A track for all fans of heavy music to bond too. Soaring melodies, powerful head-banging beats and one super catchy chorus ensures this one will get stuck in the head.

Emecia – Jouska

Post-hardcore legends Emecia are presenting their new single ‘Jouska’. The new single drops today and features guest vocals from Nathan Stuckey from fellow Adelaide-ians 23/19.

Vocalist Scott Middlin said that this new single is about the fact that:

Nothing lasts forever: Life, Love etc. Nothing is permanent. The song is about trying to block out negative views, thoughts and trying to carry on with life, and simply appreciating everything that you already have.

This is a banger. A racing and raging ball of energy. The pent-up feelings of this band expressed in post-hardcore liveliness with an undercurrent of guttural vocals. The switch to clean singing and soaring melodies in the chorus is unexpected but welcome. Check it out here.

Deserta – Lost in the Weight

Deserta, the LA-based solo project of Matthew Doty (Saxon Shore, Midnight Faces) is today returning with his new single, “Lost In The Weight” which is out via Felte. The new single marks the first new music from Doty since his KEXP and NPR-tipped debut album, Black Aura My Sun.

Gob-smacking. This track is simply phenomenal. Over 6 minutes of beauty. Over 6 minutes of glorious mellow and captivating shoe-gaze style music. Melodies that give the soul life, this track has a lightness that conjures up images of floating in the sky. A serene soundscape that is undeniably addictive to be part of. Check it out here.

Bloodred Hourglass – Kings & Queens

Finnish melodic death metallers Bloodred Hourglass have released new single ‘Kings & Queens’, the fourth taster of the band’s upcoming album Your Highness, out 22nd October via Out Of Line Music.

Those riffs will certainly make you grimace, the chugginess is violent to the ears. However, as is always the case with Bloodred Hourglass there’s a lot more to this track. The subtle use of effects and powerful melodies really help the pacing of this track but the chorus is where it’s at. That thing is on fire!

Wolftopia – Hound of War

Hound of War is the first single by the melodic death metal band Wolftopia, from the Finnish city of Vaasa. Their debut album ‘Ways of the Pack’ is out on December 17th 2021 via Inverse Records.

Absolutely nailing what it means to be a melodic death metal band, Wolftopia impress on this first single. Part blazing and raging death metal fury, part meaningful and uplifting melodic energy… the two elements together make for one hell of a listen. An instant modern melodic death metal classic, it is disgustingly infectious. Check it out here.

Ice Nine Kills – Rainy Day

Rainy Day is inspired by Resident Evil and taken from their upcoming new album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, which comes out via Fearless on October 15th 2021.

It’s punchy with some serious bite but this is a disappointing release from Ice Nine Kills. The subject matter doesn’t really shine through and the heavy use of electronica and effects are quite irritating. The chorus almost rescues it but after several listens it really starts to sound quite bland.

Say it Anyway – Moments

Say it Anyway is a band that features front-man Kristian Richards of the UK’s best pop punk bands Save Your Breath + 4 members of The Run Up. Their debut single ‘Moments’ is out today.

A peppy and bouncy pop-punk effort that will put a smile on faces. Filled with powerful melody and that familiar rocking and punkish liveliness. It’s one hell of a catchy listen with some really cool moments. Such as the group vocal chants and the catchy as hell chorus. Check it out here.


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Mastodon, Nightrage, The Blood Republic, Ewigkeit, Majestica, Emecia, Deserta, Bloodred Hourglass, Wolftopia, Ice Nine Kills and Say it Anyway!
  • Mastodon – Pushing the Tides - 8/10
  • Nightrage - Swallow Me - 8/10
  • The Blood Republic - Hurt - 7/10
  • Ewigkeit - IX XI - 7/10
  • Majestica – Metal United - 8.5/10
  • Emecia - Jouska - 8.5/10
  • Deserta – Lost in the Weight - 10/10
  • Bloodred Hourglass – Kings & Queens - 9/10
  • Wolftopia – Hound of War - 8.5/10
  • Ice Nine Kills – Rainy Day - 5/10
  • Say it Anyway - Moments - 7/10