Single Slam – Layers of Time by Lacuna Coil (Black Anima)

Italian symphonic/gothic metallers Lacuna Coil are back with a brand new single called Layers of Time.

Layers of Time will feature on the band’s incoming new album Black Anima. Since forming in 1994, a couple name changes and settling as Lacuna Coil in 1998, they have released albums consistently averaging a new one every couple years. Their last release was 2016’s Delirium. Black Anima will be there 9th full length release. It is expected on the 11th of October 2019 via Century Media Records.

Layers of Time

Layers of Time was released alongside a music video and album track list which can both seem below. Speaking about the single, Lacuna Coil front woman Cristina Scabbia said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Layers Of Time! We are so excited that our first new music from Black Anima is finally released. Layers Of Time will hit you hard – and it’s just a taste of what’s to come. Enjoy!”

Layers of Time is just over 4 minutes long and surprised me with how good it is. See, I am not a fan of the band really. I always found them a bit weak and predictable so maybe it is the time away that is allowing me to appreciate this new track more? We have been on a break, perhaps.

A short sampled intro suddenly gives way to a slamming metalcore esque beat with male vocalist Andrea Ferro really going for it with some roars. He also manages to sound very like Max Cavalera during the verses that come with a nice pacey riff. Scabbia’s clean vocals come in the chorus and sound nice alongside the bass heavy riff and elevating lead guitars. There is a huge jump in vocal styles which doesn’t flow perfectly, probably meant to contrast but also clashing a little. I like the almost folk like singing passage backed by the same punchy rhythms before a slow down to clean melody. As expected this builds back up to the chorus again before the heavy vocals take over and see us through to the end.

Layers of Time is good. I like it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a marked change by the band and certainly isn’t anything new and exciting for the genre. It’s very Lacuna Coil and very stereotypical really but it is catchy, has a banging intro and some nice, chugging heavy sections mixed in with the cleaner side. Not bad.

Track list for Black Anima
1 – Anima Nera
2 – Sword of Anger
3 – Reckless
4 – Layers of Time
5 – Apocalypse
6 – Now or Never
7 – Under the Surface
8 – Veneficium
9 – The End is All I Can See
10 – Save Me
11 – Black Anima

Layers of Time is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can preorder a copy of Black Anima I’m loads of different formats from here. They will also be out on tour around the UK with Eluveitie. Grab tickets for that from here.

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Layers of Time by Lacuna Coil (Black Anima)
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