Single Slam – Inner Vision by Sick of it All (Wake the Sleeping Dragon)

New York based punk/hardcore veterans, Sick of it All have dropped the first single from their latest album. This is Inner Vision. Inner Vision will feature on the band’s 12th studio album which is called Wake the Sleeping Dragon. Wake the Sleeping Dragon will be released on the 2nd of November via Century Media.

Sick of it All have been pushing out high octane releases since the late 80’s and are widely regarded as one of the most important bands in the New York hardcore scene. Their last full album release was in 2014 with The Last Act of Defiance. Sick of it All are brothers Lou and Pete Koller. Lou looks after the lead vocals while Pete is on guitars. Alongside these we have Armand Majidi on the drums and Craig Setari on the bass. Impressively Lou, Pete and Armand are original founding members. Craig is the newest member but even he has been in the band since 1992. It is nice to see a band stick together over such a long time. It shows real dedication and belief in their band.

Inner Vision

Inner Vision is a song that doesn’t mess about. Weighing in at just 1 minute and 54 seconds long it acts as a brief but highly energy reminder that Sick of it All have lost none of their passion or enthusiasm for hardcore. A few seconds of effects start the song off before a fast drum beat and dirty sounding riff. The vocals are spat out at frenzied pace while the drums and guitars blast out energy at impressive pace. You get little hardcore styled sections where the guitars drop out and leave the vocals and drums. The chorus is a little slower but catchy as fuck, chucking in some gang styled backing vocals before speeding up for a pit destroying finish. Check it out below –

Speaking of Inner Vision, drummer Armand Majidi said – “It’s a blasting screamer of a song in the vein of early Discharge or Exploited, and the lyrics deal with reacting to the horrors of the world by looking inward to find peace at difficult times”.

He is not wrong. It is a really strong release, short, but effective. Inner Vision has loads of energy and a little anarchy but manages to inject a bit of rhythm and groove and not just become 2 minutes of noise. It definitely raises the excitement levels for the new album.

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Inner Vision is available on all the usual streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music, now. You can preorder Wake the Sleeping Dragon now from many different sources by clicking here. Keep up to date with news from Sick of it All at their website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Inner Vision by Sick of it All (Wake the Sleeping Dragon)
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