Single Slam: Fallujah, Mulberry Sky, Gwar, Atheana, Jelena Taylor, Soar, Carrion Vael, Suckerpunch, Final Light, Trashed, Distant, Run into the Night, Last Flight to Pluto, Nighted and Malevolence!

This week’s single slam features Fallujah, Mulberry Sky, Gwar, Atheana, Jelena Taylor, Soar, Carrion Vael, Suckerpunch, Final Light, Trashed, Distant, Run into the Night, Last Flight to Pluto, Nighted and Malevolence. You can read our thoughts about the latest singles from these bands below.

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Fallujah – Radiant Ascension

San Francisco technical death metal giants Fallujah are back with their 5th album, ‘Empyrean’, that’s due out September 9th from Nuclear Blast. Ahead of that, the band have unleashed the ferocious first single ‘Radiant Ascension’.

A return to their roots, there is a familiarity to Fallujah’s new single and that’s no bad thing as the band’s early body of work is some of their best. Here, Fallujah combine meaty savagery with incredibly complex passages, impressive melody, glorious riffs, a powerful bridge and a heart-stopping guitar solo. It’s Fallujah at their finest and it looks like this new album will be a serious return to form.

Mulberry Sky – Second Face

Mulberry Sky’s Second Face is second of three singles from the album “Who’s There?” (which will be released on July 29th). The song tells the story of a desperate vampire in love, who doesn’t want to hurt his beloved, but can hardly resist her blood. A story full of pain and a toxic relationship… It will be released on May 6th with an accompanying video.

Putting it simply, this is awesome. Groovy and catchy rock music, the riffs are to die for but that’s just one part of this track that makes you want to move. The vocals are immense, the hooks are sharp like fangs and the drumming is on point. It puts you under a spell and without really meaning too, your body starts to quiver and shake in time to the rhythm. Mulberry Sky are killing it at the moment and Who’s There is shaping up to be a banger album. You can check it out when it is released, here.

Gwar – Mother Fucking Liar

Humans, you have waited long enough! The day is finally here! your Lords and Masters Gwar have unleashed their latest aural masterpiece. Taken from their forthcoming album, ‘The New Dark Ages,’ Gwar is pleased as piss to debut the song, ‘Mother Fucking Liar’!

Vocalist Blöthar the Berserker says:

This song is for anybody who’s sick of all the pieces of shit talking out of both sides of their mouth. Motherfuck a motherfucking liar.

Gwar are back to remind the world that they simply don’t care what you think and to stop speaking rubbish. So, here’s some rubbish words to describe this new track from the monsters of mayhem.

Tongue in cheek lyrics spat out with phlegm covered barbs, groovy old-school metal energy and a tone shift led by a kickass guitar solo. Gwar have certainly come into this new album with renewed spirit and a goal to remind everyone that Gwar lives on. Rarely do you need an excuse to head-bang to Gwar but should you, this track will suffice. Check it out here.

Atheana – Dyspnea

Alt rock/post-hardcore band Atheana have released their new single ‘Dyspnea’ available via Manchester Label MUK Records. ‘Dyspnea’ is the follow up to their debut ‘Shift Your Focus’ which amassed over 70K YouTube plays after its initial release.

A powerful display of alternative metal, Atheana ooze believability and authenticity with his infectious single. Where soaring vocals compliment a heavy, energetic set of instruments and we get elements of post-hardcore sneaking here and there. There are a ton of layers to this track and the more you listen, the more you peel off and the more you love it.

Jelena Taylor – Perfect Survivor

Fans of the horror-sci-fi film franchise Alien will know that 4/26 is Alien Day, because the name of the planet they land on in the movie is called LV-426. Solo guitarist Jelena Taylor felt there was no better time to release her new original track ‘Perfect Survivor’ dedicated to the inimitable Ellen Ripley!

Jelena says:

I always loved the original 1979 movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver, who is a total badass and a huge inspiration to me and felt that it never got the attention that it deserved.

When rewatching the movie as an adult, I noticed it didn’t have much of a musical soundtrack either, just creepy unnerving noises, which I felt really added to the psychological distress.

I came up with the main riff during my 100 days of riffs challenge while thinking of Ellen Ripley fighting xenomorphs all alone in space, and it has evolved into a death metal shredfest with friends!

Well, if this track that featured in the movie, it sure would have changed the atmosphere seeing as it’s a blast of brutal death metal. That being said, it does convey much of what made alien so iconic, namely the frantic and fearful tone. As a tribute to the immortal Ellen Ripley, it really works because this is a badass tune that gees up the spirit and makes you feel ready to take on anything. Even if that anything is a 10ft alien. Check it out here.

Soar – Origins

Inspired by the myths and tales of the Scottish highlands, Caledonian metal band Saor have announced the release of new album Origins on 24th June via Season of Mist, and have unveiled its title-track.

Andy Marshall comments:

It’s been a long wait and an unpredictable few years but I’m very happy to finally be sharing this song with everyone! A lot of hard work went into making Origins and I can’t wait to let you all here the full album in June.

It’s very nice to have Soar back and back with new music. Reminding us all just why their brand of black metal resonates so strongly, Origins is the perfect encapsulation of both the blistering detail and emotional tone that Saor have perfected over the years. What’s quite interesting though is that this track lacks a lot of the atmospheric touches that Saor are also known for. Yet, it is still a moving and powerful piece of music.

Based off this track alone, the new album might be the most expansive and exciting Saor release to date.

Carrion Vael – Wings of Deliverance

Melodic death metallers Carrion Vael have announced their signing to Unique Leader Records. In celebration of the new partnership, the band from Indiana, USA have also released their latest frenzied single ‘Wings of Deliverance’.

Vocalist Travis Lawson Purcell says:

Our new single ‘Wings of Deliverance’ speaks of death and mind control, the living existence that so many suffer within to this day. It’s fast, it’s technical, it’s brutal, and it’s true.

A ripping and tearing blast of brutal death metal with some stinging technicality, Carrion Vael wanted to show they belonged on Unique Leader with this beast of a track. There’s a touch of the ‘core’ about this but the wild detail makes it so much more than your average slab of ‘in your face’ brashness. It’s a ‘wow’ track that hits numerous highs, least of all, the blistering guitar solo that crops up in the latter part. Check it out here.

Suckerpunch – Nightcalls

Pop punk powerhouse will release their brand new single, Nightcalls on May 6th, 2022. Blending bouncy elements of early 2000’s pop punk with modern pop production, Nightcalls is a tongue-in-cheek take on succumbing to an irresistible lover.

Early 2000’s pup punk is having a bit of revival this year and Suckerpunch are certainly part of that. Though, nostalgia can be all good and proper, it’s not exactly forward thinking. Suckerpunch make up for the nostalgic kicks of this hyperactive number with a fresh coat of paint that has it sounding like a guaranteed floor filler at the next alternative club night. Bouncy, energetic and fun… there can be few complaints abut the pop-punk sensibilities of this one. You’ll be able to check it out on May 6th here.

Final Light – In the Void

Final Light, a one-time only project featuring Perturbator and Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson, release their self-titled album on June 24 via Red Creek.

A preview of Final Light arrives now with the release of ‘In The Void,’ a nine-minute song that incorporates the best of the two forward-thinking musicians.

The calibre of both artists should get your musical taste buds salivating before even hitting play. Both have produced and been part of some of the most intense and atmospheric music released. So, it is no surprise that we get something that meets the expectations most will have for both artists. Something that is dripping in cinematic tones, something dark and chilling, something synthy and something heavy. It’s a captivating listen with a run-time that just flies by in a blur of open-mouth wonder.

Trashed – Decay

Bristol-based emo punk-rockers Trashed have released their single, Decay. Taken from their debut full-length album Happy In Hindsight due later this year.

Decay is a song about living alongside suicidal thoughts. Speaking about the single, the band state:

Decay was the first song written for the album. It’s like a journal entry about being trapped between existential apathy and a desire to overcome it. We wrote the lyrics to be deep and relatable without being overwhelming or uncomfortable. It’s also a transitional song for us. We’re ready to move on from what we’ve done before, which is symbolised in the artwork. This track lays the foundation for what’s to come, perfectly.

A heavy subject matter, but relatable, Trashed bring plenty of vigour on this memorable and catchy track. Where the combination of ‘emo’ style lyrical content, foot-tapping rhythm and morose melody makes a track that is catchy and thought-provoking. More than just a throwaway chorus-driven listen, Decay stays in the consciousness long afterwards. A sure sign of a quality track. Check it out here.

Distant – Cursed

Already having made a name for themselves across the globe with their downtempo, slam-infused deathcore, Distant are back and have just dropped a crushing new track entitled ‘Cursed’. The single which is accompanied by a haunting new music video is out now via Unique Leader Records.

Speaking about the new single, the band says:

Cursed is a new chapter in the story of Distant. Story starts where Aeons Of Oblivion left off and takes us on a pilgrimage to the new dimensions full of despair.

No rest for the wicked it seems, Distant are back and delivering some of the most brutal deathcore heaviness no heard since, well, the last new Distant music. Putting the ‘down’ in downtempo, this is a nasty sab of noise that oozes atmosphere. Based off this track alone, the future is very exciting when it comes to Distant’s musical output! Check it out here.

Run into the Night – Common Stream of Consciousness

Released today, Common Stream of Consciousness is the new single from indie punk duo Run into The Night. The track was inspired by the human mind’s natural flow and never-ending thought process and being willing to embrace what ideas and feelings come next.

Oh, those riffs are pretty damn good. This is a danceable number that has indie written all over it. The groove is foot-tapping, the beat is energetic and the chorus is downright infectious. Stupidly catchy, this one gets stuck in the head, so don’t be surprised if you’re humming hours after you stopped listening to it.

Last Flight to Pluto – Stop Yourself from Turning into Dust

Last Flight to Pluto have released their new single ‘Stop Yourself from Turning into Dust’, out now. With the new album ‘Random Karma, Fate and Destiny’ out on the 10th of May via White Knight Records.

A little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of indie and a whole lot of infectious groove, Stop Yourself from Turning into Dust is a catchy number with a high-powered chorus. A track that truly evolves as it goes on, making Last Flight to Pluto seem almost cosmic when it comes to their musical capabilities. Eccentric, eclectic and interesting, it’s a trip everyone should go on. Check it out here.

Nighted – Acronyc

Nighted, the new genre-bending black metal synthwave duo, have released their second single ‘Acronyc’, out now via Klang Machine Records.

Ivo Henzi (Vocals/Guitar) comments:

The story of this song is based on the idea that humans are one of the few species that decide for themselves on which side of the life line they want to stand. One decides either for life or for death. It is a topic with many taboos and stigmatas, and this track is a love letter to life & a poem of death.

Black metal and synthwave? Why the bloody hell not! Screw conventional musical styles, Nighted are doing something that sounds fresh and new. Weird though. The black metal adding a sinister edge to energetic and peppy synth, you won’t be able to decide if you need to dance or head-bang to it.

Being a new band, there’s plenty of room to see this idea expanded and it will be interesting to see what Nighted do as they go forward. Before that though, enjoy this track as something a bit different. Check it out here.

Malevolence – Malicious Intent

With only three weeks remaining until the release of their new record ‘Malicious Intent’, the excitement for this year’s most hotly anticipated metal album is intensifying. Stoking the flames higher, Malevolence reveal their knockout third single, ‘Still Waters Run Deep’.

Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor stated:

This video is a deep dive into the history of Malevolence. We dug through hours of old archive footage and picked out some highlights from over the years as the song is a tribute to the journey we have set upon together, and the bond it has formed between us.

After hundreds of shows and thousands of hours in the van and practice room, being a part of this band has been the most rewarding experience of our lives and this video reflects the evolution and progress of Malevolence over the last 12 years.

We hope you enjoy it!

They’ve come a long way and this new album is shaping up to be the biggest thing the band have done. It’s also shaping up to be one of 2022’s best heavy releases and tracks like this just prove that. A blend of thrashy riffs, fast-paced hardcore fire and Malevolence’s familiar aggression. It’s got a hell of a lot of groove and the chorus will have you thinking of the likes of Pantera. Pure head-banging and circle-pit inducing gold.


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Fallujah, Mulberry Sky, Gwar, Atheana, Jelena Taylor, Soar, Carrion Vael, Suckerpunch, Final Light, Trashed, Distant, Run into the Night, Last Flight to Pluto, Nighted and Malevolence!
  • Fallujah - Radiant Ascension - 9/10
  • Mulberry Sky – Second Face - 9/10
  • Gwar - Mother Fucking Liar - 7/10
  • Atheana – Dyspnea - 10/10
  • Jelena Taylor – Perfect Survivor - 9/10
  • Soar – Origins - 10/10
  • Carrion Vael – Wings of Deliverance - 8/10
  • Suckerpunch – Nightcalls - 7.5/10
  • Final Light – In the void - 9/10
  • Trashed - Decay - 8.5/10
  • Distant - Cursed - 10/10
  • Run into the Night - Common Stream of Consciousness - 8/10
  • Last Flight to Pluto - Stop Yourself from Turning into Dust - 9/10
  • Nighted - Acronyc - 8/10
  • Malevolence – Malicious Intent - 9/10
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