Single Slam: Are You Ready by Disturbed (Evolution)

American metallers, Disturbed, have released the first single from their upcoming album. The new track is called Are You Ready. It will feature on the band’s 7th studio album which will be called Evolution.

Evolution is due out on the 19th of October via Reprise Records. Not lacking in confidence at all, the band spoke about the new album: “The writing and recording sessions that fostered this album were truly an emotional and magical experience for us, creating without boundaries or limitations, and simply going where each day’s musical inspiration led us. Influenced by some of the great classic rock records of our youth, it is an experience unlike anything we’ve previously created. Its time is drawing near for the world to finally hear what is undoubtedly the most daring record of our lives.”

Are You Ready

Disturbed formed officially in 1994 but shot to fame with their debut studio album, Sickness. An album that is most famous, probably for this –  “oooh, wa, ah, ah, ah”. While they have been pretty consistent with releases, other than a short hiatus from 2012 to 2015, they really shot to fame outside of metal with their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence. The cover saw the band appear on popular mainstream television like Australia’s The X Factor and America’s Conan to millions of viewers.

Disturbed are David Draiman on vocals with Dan Donegan on guitars, programming and backing vocals. John Moyer is on the bass and also adds backing vocals. Finally, on drums, more programming and more backing vocals, we have Mike Wengren.

Are You Ready is a surprisingly catchy 4 and a half minute track. I say surprisingly because I am not really much a of a fan of Disturbed. Yeah I had my youth where I liked Sickness but mostly I find David Draiman’s, admittedly unique, vocal style a bit cringy. I still do at times in Are You Ready, but not as much as I have in the past. What I do really like is the catchy hooks and melodic guitar lines shining throughout the track.

It doesn’t start off to great. A little synth effect before some of Draiman’s less likeable singing as he barks “get up” but it settles into a really catchy song. Well sung, well played and with a cracking guitar solo nearing it’s end.


While Are You Ready is a decent track, I am not sure it is good enough to make me really excited for the new album. It does sound a bit more like their older material which is good if you like their older material. I will need to hear another song or two from the album before I know whether Evolution is really an evolution or not.

Are You Ready is available on all the usual streaming services now, like Apple Music and Spotify. You can take a look at the official video for Are You Ready on YouTube here. You can grab a preorder of Evolution in many different formats from here. Keep up to date with news and information on Disturbed at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Are You Ready by Disturbed (Evolution)
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