Single Slam: All My Sins – Zov iz Magle

Last year we reviewed the incredible EP, Lunar/Solar from atmospheric black metal band, All My Sins. Mixing the more traditional side of black metal with a modern edge, it was a effort that saw us rate it 10/10. You can read the full review here.

In anticipation of their new album ‘Pra Sila – Vukov Totem’ the two-piece have released a special single as a short preview of what the new album will sound like. The 7″ vinyl is called Zov iz Magle and was released in January 2018 via Miner Records. It has two tracks, both of which were recorded during the new album sessions. The track Zov iz Magle has been taken directly from the new album. While Sa Dna was recorded specially for this 7″.

Zov iz Magle 2

Going off Zov iz Magle, All My Sins’ new album will be reaching the highs found in the earlier EP, Lunar/Solar. A sharper sound, one that really suits the heavy black metal pace, is in full force here. A punchy rhythm & focused, bleak vocals really drive the track onward & upwards to a finale that is a stark reminder of why All My Sins can be held up alongside the best of black metal.



Sa Dna may not be part of the new album but that just makes this release all the more special. A slower, smoother & more refined sound sees the band step slightly away from their usual black metal brilliance to instead deliver a more melodic kind of track. Not to say there isn’t brutish heaviness in it. All my Sins have all the bases covered.

The new album is going to be something very special indeed going off this release.

Zov iz Magle 1

All My Sins – Zov iz Magle Full Track Listing:

1. Zov iz Magle
2. Sa Dna

You can pick up the 7″ single & earlier releases including Lunar/Solar via Bandcamp. You can keep up to date with news of the new album by liking All My Sins’ Facebook Page. Check out some of their videos over on YouTube while you’re at it too.

All My Sins - Zov iz Magle
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