Game Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 2 (Xbox One)

Previously on Resident Evil: Revelations 2…

Claire Redfield, Moira Burton & the rest of the employees of TerraSave are kidnapped by an unknown group while enjoying a staff party. They wake up in cells with a mysterious wristband attached in a dirty & old prison. Claire & Moira regroup & discover the prison is inhabited by The Afflicted, monsters transformed by an unknown virus. After escaping the prison they fight their way to a radio tower & send a distress call realising that they are on an island in the middle of nowhere.

The afflicted

This distress call is picked up Barry Burton who arrives at the island looking for his daughter. He meets a young girl (Natalia) who has a mysterious power & has been surviving on the island all this time. They team up & head towards the radio tower while dealing with versions of The Afflicted that are even more monstrous.

Afflicted 2

Once they arrive at the tower Barry discovers the distress call has been playing for 6 months & Natalia claims that Moira is dead.

Episode 2 starts with you in the shoes of Claire & Moira again…they make their way to a rundown village at the edge of the island. They meet some more survivors of TerraSave who are poorly voiced & as generic as you can get. Clearing the village out & finding some supplies the group come under attack (ala Resident Evil 4). Defending a house from the hordes at the windows is tense & tough to get through unscathed. This sequence also serves to show exactly what the purpose of the wristbands is.

The gang RE

They measure fear & when they turn red the infection starts to spread. The captured TerraSave employees have all been infected & the only thing that will save them is to control their fear.

The final part of Claire & Moira’s episode 2 sees them making theIR way through an empty & spooky city outskirts. It is there that they meet Natalia who joins them on their journey to the Overseer’s tower.


Barry & Natalia’s story begins where it left off, just outside the radio tower. They pretty much follow the route Claire & Moira did but 6 months later so everything is a lot more damaged & destroyed. As you move through similar areas you can’t help but wonder just what has taken place over the last couple of months.

On the way to the Tower

The stealth elements of Barry & Natalia’s story are far more enjoyable again & you really feel like it makes a difference. Ammo is in short supply & with tougher enemies ahead every bullet counts. Making their way towards what is left of the Overseer’s tower they come across a new foe that really takes the teamwork aspect of their relationship to a new level. Invisible enemies that Natalia can see & point out for Barry. This isn’t as easy as it seems & you’ll have to be smart to not waste tons of ammo.


Both sides get new weapons (nothing special) & the relationships grow & you start to really care about each side. Moria’s swearing is less comical here although a new character can’t stop saying “balls” annoyingly. The ending to this episode is excellent as both groups arrive at the Overseer’s Tower but we only see what happens when Barry & Natalia go in. This leads to one of the best cliff-hangers the games have done to date as Barry picks up a picture to see a familiar face in it…

The Tower

Raid mode gets more levels & more characters to play as…with the main campaign lasting a few hours this adds a much needed level of replay-ability & it is a lot fun with a good level of challenge!

Evil Is


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