Collectable Review: Alice: Madness Returns (Royal Suit Alice)

I’m a huge fan of American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns, so much so that I even have a tattoo in honor of its wonderful art style. While playing through the game Alice will change her dress several times to suit the surroundings of whatever stage she finds herself in. The Royal Suit was the fourth dress in Wonderland that Alice Liddell wore, which was obtained and based on the appearance of Queensland. The dress’ in-game effect was the restriction of Alice’s health to a total of four Roses but had the added benefit of easy access to the invincible hysteria mode.

The Royal Suit was based around the Queen of Hearts and was only seen in Queensland. The gloves worn by Alice mimicked the castle towers and the dress had recurring prints of hearts and checker patterns. The pinafore featured an upside-down spade, as well as astronomical signs of Venus and Leo.

Let’s have a look at this awesome figure eh?


Yup, its boxed and sealed! 😀


Isn’t she beautiful?

Also, as you may have seen above the figure comes with Alice’s very own Hobbyhorse and Peppergringer so she can really kick ass!



How awesome is that!?

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