Online Bookmaking Has Gone Global

The size of the market for online bookies/bookmakers is something that is very difficult to comprehend. We know it’s a humongous market and just simply Googling ‘online bookmakers’ will return an insane amount of results. We know, we did it and ended up with over 13 million results.

Online bookmakers from all over the world, from the UK to the US to Eastern Europe to South America to Australia to Africa. Every country has access to an incredible wealth of betting opportunities and online games from the comfort of their living room.

With such an expansive market, you can’t help but wonder just how you find the good amongst the bad. It’s not easy to navigate and simply searching for online bookmakers via the web doesn’t give much of a filter.

The answer? Reviews, testimonials and user experiences. The very best of online bookmaking will have all three and it makes finding the ones that fit your needs all the easier. Even more exciting though is that you’ll be encouraged to find and experience services outside your own common market.

Take for example this: You live in the UK so your natural inclination is to stick to the tried and tested bookies in this country. The likes of William Hill, Betfair, Bet365 etc. However, thanks to the global rise of online bookmakers, more and more experiences with markets outside your own are available to read. Reviews such this Bet9ja review by Silentbet, a Nigerian bookmaker.

The entire online bookmaking game has changed and you no longer have to just put up with poor offers, or disappointing games in your own market. You can branch out and experience an incredible wealth of content and easily do your research as to the quality beforehand. Only by doing this can you fully comprehend just how global online bookmaking has become.


  • Carl Fisher

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