News: Tweak Announced As the Second Band Performing at Pirate Fest 2019!

Listen up ye scurvy-infested, bilge-drinkin’ swabs!

Tweak Announced As the Second Band Performing at Pirate Fest 2019!

The Sicario Effect’s flagship experience brand, ‘The Kraken is Alive’, is ready to announce yet more dirty little secrets leading up to the biggest Pirate Party in the world Pirate Fest 2019 on the 7th September at Marks Park, Johannesburg.

Last month Captain Renegade and the dastardly krew of the Kraken Hunter revealed that the Scottish Scallywags Alestorm will be invading the stage at Pirate Fest; now this time they will be letting you in on more ghastly revelations on the second leg of the Quest to Pirate Fest Tour Pre-Party on 30 March 2019 at Rumours Rock City.

Local favourites Part-Time Pirates, Held On Till May and Crash Car Burn will be rocking the audience as The Kraken is Alive reveals that SA Local Punk Legends “Tweak” will be reuniting specially for Pirate Fest 2019! How arrrsome is that!

Tweak 2


About Tweak

Formed in the latter 90s, the lads from Tweak swiftly rose to fame with their unique brand of ‘Pop Punk’; essentially a mix of the right ideas, attitude, talent and conviction that changed the face of South African music. During the peak Tweak period of the early 2000s, the Dirty Sanchez and the Misfit Kids delivered several Sweet Memories along the Long Road to success, culminating in anthems for the youth learning the Romantic Lure Of Possum Worship.

Tweak 3


About Pirate Fest

This unique event will celebrate all things alcohol, pirates and rock n’ roll. International bands like Alestorm will be duly supported by top local acts like Tweak and celebrities and a wide selection of alcohol and entertainment throughout the day.

The event is rated ARRR 18+ and tickets are available now. To purchase, go here and become an Acolyte of the Kult of the Kraken and part of the fabric of this story and the exciting adventures to follow.

Instagram: @the_kraken_is_alive
Facebook: @thekrakenisalive

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