News: Bare Teeth – The Punk Rockers Announce Their Upcoming International Punk Split!

The news is finally out! The French punks Bare Teeth will soon unveil an international punk split, along with Nerdlinger (Australia), Down Memory Lane (Canada) and Shames (Japan).

The split, titled “Bridging Oceans”, will be out on April 26th via 4 labels: Pee Records (Australia), Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK), Thousand Islands Records (Canada) and Attractive Records (Japan).

Bare Teeth 2

On this upcoming release, Bare Teeth’s vocalist Greg comments:

“Basically, it’s an idea that has been on my mind for a long time. I’ve always found that a split was a great way to discover other bands and to help each other! We can use the communication and the fanbase of each band and it allows us to build strong links.

We already knew Shames. Having played with them in Japan in 2018 and they are really excellent. Even though we never met Nerdlinger and Down Memory Lane, we know their music quite well.”

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