Music News: The Fixer – Music Video & ‘The Prowl EP’

The Fixer has arrived to bring the darker side of fun on their debut release “The Prowl EP.” Their influences are rooted in the harder end of rock while mixing in subtle elements from industrial, gothic metal, and EDM. Their sound combines soaring vocals with big notes and playful hooks, larger than life danceable drum beats, bass lines with a heavy groove, dynamic guitar playing that encompasses big dirty riffs to textured clean tones, and layers of ambient, melodic and raunchy electronics. This blend creates a package that is unmistakably The Fixer.

Members of the band have a long history of working together in various musical projects dating back nearly 20 years. In this time they have a large list of accomplishments. They have self-released albums, participated in tours and have supported acts like KMFDM, Finger 11, Cancer Bats, Strung Out, Steve O, Robin Black, Horrorpops, 3 Inches of Blood, Protest The Hero, The Contortionist, and countless others. In addition to their careers as musicians, The Fixer’s members have a vast resume working in various aspects of music, such as recording and engineering sound recordings for bands, audio production in campus and community radio, freelance photography and videography for major concerts and music videos, and performing in musical theatre.

Despite set backs related to covid-19, The Fixer has been determined to keep moving forward. On April 3rd, 2020 the band launched a music video for the first single “Take You Home” and in less than one week the video racked up well over 6000 total views and is still being shared constantly. Next, they are preparing to self-release their first 4 song EP later this month. One way or another, The Fixer is going to bring mischievous fun to whomever is ready to listen.


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