Horror Movie Review: Wolfcop (2014)

Lou Garou is a bad cop…not in the sense that he is nasty or mean or anything, he is just a bad cop because he is lazy, an alcoholic and garners no respect from the inhabitants from the citizens of Woodhaven.

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He’s instantly likable as it is clear there is more to him than we initially first see especially as Woodhaven is a rundown & nasty place. The chief who spends most of his time running Lou down to everyone who is in ear shot sends him to investigate a complaint of occult activity in the woods behind a local’s home.

Heavy metal fans get the blame at first but when reports continue Lou is forced to go into the woods late at night where he disturbs a ritual sacrifice. He is knocked unconscious and wakes up in his home the next day with a pentagram carved on his chest.

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Things get stranger for him as his wounds heal quickly, his sense of smell and hearing become highly attuned and shaving is pointless as the hair grows back almost instantly. While investigating the links between what happened to him and the occult Lou gets pretty drunk in the local bar. Feeling sick he goes to the toilet but undergoes a painful & very graphic transformation into a werewolf.

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A werewolf that retains his own mind & intelligence making him the most dangerous cop in town now. Woodhaven doesn’t know what it’s in for but just who was to blame for his werewolf curse and what exactly is their plan?

Wolfcop is a comedy horror without much comedy, it’s tongue in cheek approach to the werewolf genre is fun but doesn’t manage to sustain itself for the length of the movie. A common problem with werewolves. What helps the movie tick nicely along is the strength in acting & the occult mystery that has a fun reveal even if it is a bit predictable.

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The acting is good from most of the cast, Lou in particular is a great watch with his down on his luck, drunk cop playing well off his alter-ego of the fun-loving, hard drinking werewolf.

What is a nice surprise though is the level of gore that film plies on, the werewolf transformation scenes are violent and very painful looking with skin splitting and the blood flowing even if the end result is more Teen-Wolf then An American Werewolf in London. When people die, they die in seriously bloody fashion with decapitations, removed eyeballs and butchered limbs just some of the highlights.

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Wolfcop is a fun flick that doesn’t try to re-invent the werewolf genre rather it plays up to it’s silliness. Good acting, an interesting story, lashings of gore & violence and a tongue in cheek approach make it a worthwhile watch.


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