Horror Movie Review: Amityville Death House (2015)

Just when I think I’ve seen the worst the Amityville series has to offer it goes & does something like this…

Amityville Death House (what a terrible name) is up there as one of the worst Amityville movies so far having next to nothing to do with the events that started this franchise off.

A long time ago a witch was captured & hung for her crimes angering the dark lord who plans his revenge on the descendants of those who killed her. He does this in narrator style while drawing cards from a Tarot deck.

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Tiffany, alongside some of her friends, arrives in Amityville to check in on her elderly grandmother. Turns out that the house she is living in has a book of the dead & it’s not long before the ancient witch is up & murdering her way through the cast.

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A line up of nobodies, these unknown actors will hardly be putting this film at the top of their resume. It even boasts proudly that the star is Eric Roberts, a decent actor who must have been desperate for the money.

No-one comes out of this well, the acting is horrific. Several cardboard cut-outs would have been preferable to the wooden performances here.

The movie looks like it was filmed on someone’s mobile phone, it is horrible to watch & liable to give you a headache. The effects are sloppy, looking like wallpaper paste rubbed on peoples faces. The grandmother is clearly played by someone far younger but with terrible make-up to make her look older. Whatever they used to add wrinkled skin is hanging off her face making her the most terrifying thing in this movie by far!

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I had to laugh when Tiffany declares that her grandmother doesn’t look well. I mean, no shit, her face is peeling off!

Mercilessly this film is very short, ending at the 75 minute mark yet the plot is so thin that it still feels like its being stretched to breaking point. That the movie opens showing a snippet of what occurs at the end makes it feel even longer & also ruins what could have been a cool reveal.

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Another shockingly bad Amityville movie. I can not understand why these are still being made when they are of such low quality.


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