Live Review: Unearth at ULU, London (15/02/20)

I don’t think anyone could blame Unearth if they turned in something of an uneven performance tonight in London. Having been in the Netherlands the night before and heading off to Belgium for the next day, this one stop in the countries’ capital seems poorly planned out.

Of course it’s not helped that the UK just so happens to be being hit by another disruptive storm tonight. Storm Dennis has hit and it’s the sort of event that no one could have prepared for. Sadly, it’s also the kind of event that inevitably affects attendance and there’s no getting away from the obvious fact that the ULU is barely half full.

Throw in a late start (scheduled for 21:45 although the band don’t hit the stage until nearly 2200) and it seems as though it’s going to be an off night.

Why all the negativity at the start of this review? Call it building anticipation for the reveal that all of these affecting factors amount to nothing as Unearth put on an absolute beast of a show. Uneven? Tired? Half-arsed? Not in the slightest and it’s this kind of energetic, intense and lovable performance that has made them superstars within the metalcore scene.

This is the kind of performance that proves doubters wrong and has long-term fans pointing and saying “See?! Told ya!”

Managing to whip up circle pit after circle pit that might be sparse but are as intense as though 100 people are in it. Every track, be it early days Unearth or more modern stuff from their latest release, Extinction(s), is eaten up with glee and a flurry of head-banging.

The band recognise that the people here made the effort and so they make the effort to ensure no one goes away unhappy. With a set this strong, a band this in form, a crowd so hot for it and a bag full of head-bangers, who would be!?

Roll on next time Unearth are here because this was superb!


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Unearth at ULU, London (15/02/20)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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