Live Review: The Lazys W/ The Lockhearts at The Black Heart, Camden (06/06/18)

A double-dose of Australian rock and roll, the combo of The Lockhearts and The Lazys have arrived to tear The Black Heart in Camden apart with their brands of feel-good and upbeat tunes!

Up first is The Lockhearts, unfortunately taking to the stage with just a handful of people in attendance.

Lazys 3

While it does fill out a bit more as they get underway, the small crowd seems to have a negative effect on the band. Simply put, the hard rock sound of the band is on point but there isn’t a lot of energy. The band seem tired, in particular the frontman who seems like he can’t wait to get through the set.

It’s a pity as a band enjoying themselves is infectious and will put smiles on faces. I don’t want to be too harsh on the band as it must be pretty disheartening to see less than 30 people watching however surely, you’d want those people to go away crowing about how great you were instead of feeling ambivalent about it?

Lazys 4

Great rock n’ roll music, some serious talent in the band but disappointing.

Thankfully that’s not the case with The Lazys. A set that can be described as exciting, fun and energetic!

Lazys 1

The Black Heart has filled out a bit more for the second round of Aussie rock and for good reason. The Lazys are brilliant from beginning to end with high-tempo tunes that get everybody rocking and singing along. This is how you make an impact.

Seemingly loving every second of their time on stage, they have the confidence of a band used to playing arena-sized venues and while their brand of hard rock is familiar for fans of the likes of Airbourne, they have more than enough catchy and memorable tunes to stand out.

Lazys 5

Every song ends with a rapturous round of applause, loud cheers and fists in the air. All very well-deserved as anyone who went in not knowing who The Lazys were left having heard their new favourite rock n’ roll band!

The Lazys W/ The Lockhearts at The Black Heart, Camden (06/06/18)
  • The Lazys - 9/10
  • The Lockhearts - 6/10
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