Australian rock band Airbourne pose backstage at the Astoria in London, England on November 27 2008. Left to right are Ryan O'Keeffe, Joel O'Keeffe, David Roads and Justin Street. (Photo by Nigel Crane/Redferns)

Live Review: Airbourne @ The Forum, London (13/12/13)

If you’re looking for an entertaining night out filled with some classic rock & roll tunes then you can’t go wrong seeing Airbourne live.

This was my first time seeing them headlining after initially being quite critical of their AC/DC comparisons. Seeing them playing a short set at Sonisphere 2011 perked up my interest & I started listening to them a bit more. It wasn’t until the latest album Black Dog Barking that I really found myself falling for them. Enough so that I had to get tickets to see them at The ‘hit & miss sound-wise’ Forum. I was glad I did…

The well-known Terminator 2 music indicates we are about to get started before the band erupt on stage to the frantic sing-a-long, Ready To Rock. It is the kind of song that gets you moving & that you are grateful to have a beer in your hand.

The entire show moves at an insane pace & the songs come thick & fast. Plenty of banter in between the songs including some well placed Ashes (cricket) references that elect plenty of laughs & groans.

Having not seen a full Airbourne set getting the amount of hits we did pleased me. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast, Diamond In The Rough, Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women & Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll were played to great delight from the hungry crowd.

The new songs all went down well & I was glad to see the band not bother messing around with a lengthy encore wait, either do one or don’t, I say. Live It Up is probably my favourite song of Black Dog Barking & it sounded killer live.

If there is one thing Airbourne can’t be accused of it is not giving it their all. They are on total form tonight & none more so then the energetic frontman Joel O’Keefe who cracks beer cans open with his head & goes for a wander during Raise The Flag ending up on the balcony while still playing guitar. It is a lot of fun to see especially when he has to come past where you are standing!

The band ends an exhausting night with fan-favourite, Runnin’ Wild. I didn’t see many faces not smiling at the end & on a side night I got to meet the lead singer of Black Spiders who was in attendance!


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Airbourne @ The Forum, London (13/12/13)
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