Live Review: Ghost/Gojira @ Brixton Academy, London (24/03/13)

The tour was a Jagermeister sponsored tour & the tickets were dirt-cheap (£5 if I remember correctly). The support was a local band, Feed The Rhino. I knew their reputation as being a bit of a hardcore band but a lot of people talked highly of them. We caught the last 10 minutes of their set, in fact we walked in during some mad guitar work that really impressed me. I actually thought I had them wrong until the singer started yelping & shouting over the music with no rhythm or sense.

I fucking hate hardcore music….

The Defiled/Rant time

The Defiled are an alright metal by numbers band that got a load of stick from some sections of the crowd. I really hate people like this…why waste your time standing their shouting inane bullshit at a band you don’t like? Why not go get a drink? Or go get some air? Or go outside & chat to your mates? No what they do instead is stand in peoples way giving the finger & swearing every time the band stops playing. These people are pricks because they don’t care that they are ruining it for the others around them.

Seriously we briefly stood behind some pratt who was with a girl, she was into the band but he wasn’t. Every time she paid him a bit of attention he would stand sarcastically head-banging, after a minute of this we moved away. What a knob….

The same goes for the dickheads who go out of their way to ‘bottle’ a band at a festival. One of the more infamous incidents was the Daphne & Celeste one from the Reading festival in 2000.

Sure they are a terrible pop act that had no place being on that bill but did they deserve that? My major problem is that crowds stood there to do that. Rather then show your feelings by walking away & going to another stage you chose to stand there & prove what a shitty piece of human waste you are. I’m in the mind that a band coming out to a couple of hundred people on a stage that normally attracts thousands speaks volumes way more then a bottle of piss thrown does.

Anyway…I got side-tracked there. So The Defiled were ok but I got bored by the end of their set. You see the main band I wanted to see was on next & the wait seemed to take forever. Gojira are one of the finest metal bands in the world today.

Gojira broke my hearing/Ghost might be the devil

My ears are still ringing….

Can I describe how good they are? They embody so much of what I love in metal & I’ve not heard a bad album yet. Their passion for what they do rubs off on you as well when you watch them & they are so damn tight.

So once the musical onslaught had finished we decided to watch a bit of Ghost before heading back early. I like Ghost on record but they only have 1 album so I was unsure of how they would fill an hour plus. This would be the first time I saw them live.

The look, the satanic lyrics & the vibe the band encourages meant we expected a spectacle & man, we weren’t wrong. Using a backdrop that gave the impression we were in a church the singer, Papa Emeritus sang & preached as if he was delivering a sermon. It was very, very cool. So much that we ended up watching the entire set. Well worth it…check out their new song.


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Ghost/Gojira @ Brixton Academy, London (24/03/13)
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