Interview: Raymond MacDonald (Guitars) of 200 Stab Wounds (Video/Audio)

Cleveland death metal legends-in-waiting 200 Stab Wounds return with ‘Manual Manic Procedures’, a superlative sophomore effort that follows 2021’s Slave to the Scalpel, their tour de force debut. It is out on June 28th, 2024, via Metal Blade Records.

If Slave to the Scalpel was the sound of 200 Stab Wounds kicking down the door of the death metal party, Manual Manic Procedures is the sound of them tearing it up on the dance floor. Albeit, in a way that leaves onlookers horrified and repulsed.

It’s hard to offer anything fresh sounding in this genre, least of all when the focus is still on delivering garish and grim death metal sounds. Yet, 200 Stab Wounds already proved they had plenty to offer with their debut, and now they surpass that high bar with an album of contemporary heaviness that isn’t afraid to look outside the death metal genre for inspiration.

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We spoke to guitarist Raymond MacDonald about the album, and what it has taken for 200 Stab Wounds to get to this place. Digging deep into the creative process, his personal input, why this is such a satisfying release for the band, and so much more.

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