Horror Short Review: Vestige (2023)

Written by Joseph Simmons & Guðni Líndal Benediktsson, the former taking on directorial duties too, Vestige is a tense, mysterious, and exciting horror short. Impeccably made, it will be getting its exclusive premiere at this year’s Frightfest event in London. Taking place between August 24th and August 28th, 2023.

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Starring Ben Hackett, Steve Evets and Corin Silva, Vestige tells the story of a teenage boy exploring a stony beach. He is listening to tape recordings made by this late father, and as he explores, he finds the tape becomes distorted when near a specific rock. Fascinated by the effect, he cracks the rock open to discover an unusual fossil inside.

Later that night, with his grandfather, he discovers that his father made many more tapes and is overjoyed to be given them. It’s clearly one of the last connections he has with the man, but he also uses these new recordings to see how they are affected by the mysterious fossil he found.

This is where things really start to get strange. You don’t want this spoiled for you.

Outstanding. An outstanding horror short that delivers deep storytelling, massive emotional impact, an outlandish mysterious tone, and chilling horror. It is wonderfully shot, exceptionally acted, ends in spectacular fashion, and has super-creepy ambient music. There’s not a single thing wrong, and it leaves you wanting to see this story and world expanded upon.

We have said previously that the true talent in horror these days comes from short creators and Vestige is one of the best examples of that. Check out the trailer below.



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Vestige (2023)
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