Horror Short Review: The Crone II (2019)

The Crone II is the follow-up to the excellently unnerving horror short, The Crone. Once again, written and directed by Attila M Csak, The Crone II stars Gillian Broderick, Carolyn English, Ellen Evans, and Daniel Knight.

I fly without wings,
For young and for the old,
One day I will come,
With sorrow to behold.

What am I?

A teenage girl named Summer wakes up in a basement to find that she is chained to the wall. She has no idea how she got there, and her cries for help are unheard. The chain around her neck keeps her out of reach of some tools nearby, but being more resourceful than most, she tries to find something to help her reach them, to no avail.

With despair setting in, the arrival of a woman named Eve does little to make Summer feel any better. Especially when Eve starts to talk about the people who lived in the house and their sick dog. It’s a disturbing monologue, but does reveal that the Summer has seen Eve before… and her mother.

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Over an indeterminate amount of time, enough to see Summer reported missing and for her to get to know Eve a little better, we learn that both women are prisoners. We also learn that Summer is being kept captive for a specific reason, and it’s got something to do with Summer’s youth.

The first Crone was an excellent horror short, and it was always going to be a tough task for The Crone II to top it, yet it does. Not only is this just as unnerving, it is better acted, and way more refined. At around 16-minutes long, it holds the attention through tense scene after tense scene. Leading to a finale that is downright horrifying. Check this one out below.


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The Crone II (2019)
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