Horror Short Review: The Changing Room (2017)

Written and directed by Sam Evenson, The Changing Room is a horror short that stars Jamie Taylor Ballesta and features Alan Maxson.

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A woman (Ballesta) has picked out some nice clothes in a shop and wants to try them on. The only problem is the changing room area is closed. She really wants the clothes though so figures, what harm would it do to sneak back there and try them on.

A lot of harm in fact as this is no ordinary changing room. The first major clue being the two mirrors opposite each other, giving the impression of infinite version of yourself disappearing into darkness. That alone is creepy and has been used to great effect in full feature horror movies. However, the fright really sinks in when she holds up some clothes in front of her in the mirror and notices her mirrored versions are not quite right.

What happens next? Check it out below to find out.

The Changing Room is a tight, effective and memorable watch that delivers the vibes you want from a horror short. It leaves you cold, uncomfortable and a little more nervous of mirrors. A strong lead who really sells the horror, impressively shot and lit, music that really enhances the fear factor, and a scary resolution makes this a worthwhile watch.


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The Changing Room (2017)
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