EP Review: Within The Giant’s Reach – In The Beginning (Self Released)

Within the Giant’s Reach will release their debut EP, In the Beginning on May 11th 2018. A record inspired by the reality of the world that surrounds them. Fans of Lamb of God, Emmure, Upon A Burning Body and Suicide Silence will feel right at home.

Guitarist William Taylor comments:

“We are stoked for fans to hear the new EP and feel the energy. We want it to wake them up inside. To inspire them to conquer their Giants and to do great things. No matter how hard it gets…Move forward! You only have one life, so live it! We want to project our drive, our reach for heavy brutal music, bringing back lyrical song-writing.”

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A firestorm of fury, Within the Giant’s Reach wear their heart on their sleeves as the searing sonic symphony that is Scars touches on subjects like bullying and internet trolls. It’s an opener that slams with savage vocals and thumping metal riffs.

It’s easy to be drawn into Within the Giant’s Reach style of metal, even if it is pretty familiar. Its metal built on self-belief and empowerment as tracks like Rise and The Summit show. Both laying the heavy groove down hard.

Keeping it short, Faceless ends things with one last roar of aggression that threatens to crack the very earth we stand on with its heaviness.

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Within the Giant’s Reach – In the Beginning Full Track Listing:

1. Scars
2. Same Blood
3. Rise
4. Collapse Rebuild
5. The Summit
6. Faceless

You can order the EP now via Bandcamp and Big Cartel. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.

Within The Giant's Reach - In The Beginning (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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