Horror Short Review: Smiling Woman 6 (2021)

Guess whose back? Diminishing results be damned, the Smiling Woman series shows no signs of slowing down. Nor does it show any signs of changing the formula up. Though that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable.

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This time round it’s a severely asthmatic woman who becomes the latest subject of the smiling woman’s attention late one night at a laundromat. A brightly lit location does make for a change but it does take away from the horror. Teru Hara dons the yellow dress this time and doesn’t quite have the sinister smiling power of some of the others that we’ve seen.

In fact, she’s just not that scary and the jerky walk looks really odd this time round.

What Smiling Woman 6 does well this time round is its initial set-up. The woman finding the yellow dress in the drying machine with her clothes, much to her surprise. A hand reaching out of nowhere to grab it, is the short’s best scare. From there though, it enters familiar territory with the usual text messages and appearing/disappearing villain.

This many in, it really should be doing something new but it just isn’t. The final seconds might give some indication that the next one (which is sure to happen) might do this but it’s probably best to not get your hopes up.

Check it out below.

Smiling Woman 6 (2021)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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5.4/10 (1 vote)