Horror Short Review: Serbian Dancing Lady 2 (2023)

It looks likes ACMofficial have a new series on their hands, and it involves dancing and far too many familiar tropes. It’s Serbian Dancing Lady 2 and this sequel comes hot on the heels of the first. A horror short that we liked and hoped would be expanded upon.

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Unfortunately, this sequel doesn’t really do that. Instead, it’s more of the same and you can already see this series going the way of their Smiling Woman series.

Here, a homeless woman (Ashley BeLoat) is pushing along a shopping cart of her belongings when the radio inside switches from a pop song to the Serbian folk song that plays when the Dancing Lady is nearby.

Cat Hamm reprises the role of the Serbian Dancing Lady, but this homeless woman seems to be aware of the legend. Apologising for watching her without her permission and seemingly escaping with her life. She does leave the radio behind though, just as a waiter (Jackson Tropp) comes out to throw some trash away. Unfortunately for him, the radio begins to crackle with life and the song starts up again.

What happens next? Check it out below to find out, but let’s be honest, you already know.

While it is nice to see the latter part of the short become a bit more ‘slasher’ like, it ends in ho-hum fashion. It’s not a bad horror short, it just feels like more of the same, rather than an expansion on the overall lore.


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Serbian Dancing Lady 2 (2023)
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