Horror Short Review: Season’s Greetings (2015)

Shot well and professionally, Seasons Greetings opens with an elderly man working in his hobby shop. He tightens a vice, grabs a hammer, selects a screw and picks up a brush. What is he making? No idea at this stage but you do briefly see he has a small photo or picture on the bench.

We cut to a woman getting into bed, she removes her ear-rings, turns off the light and settles down.

At 1 minute past midnight, we see her sleeping fitfully. It’s cold and windy out but the real horror is about to come through her bedroom door.

I like this. It’s creepy, effective and leaves you wanting more. It even ends with a jump scare that most won’t see coming and will certainly have the desired effect on those prone to these kinds of scares.

It’s not going to leave a lasting impression though. Especially when compared to some of the other Christmas horror shorts we’ve seen. Check it out yourself below.


Season's Greetings (2015)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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