Horror Short Review: Make Me a Sandwich (2020)

How many sandwiches will Marcy make before going crazy? From Deformed Lunchbox comes a deeply unsettling and disturbing horror short.

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Marcy (Anne Shepherd) is an abused wife in the unbearable situation of having to answer her husband’s (Peter Hodgins) demands constantly. In particular, his demand for a sandwich. If he calls for a fresh one, she must make it and it’s taking a toll on her.

So much so that she starts to experiment with the ingredients and notices that he wolfs the food down so quickly, he doesn’t seem to notice. Just how far can she push it? His demands for a sandwich are never-ending and Marcy is about to snap.

At first, there’s a certain level of gleefulness to this horror short. It’s almost cartoony at first and then the realisation sinks in. This is abuse and the destruction of a person’s mental health leading to an ending that is very distressing.

It leaves you feeling cold but entertained. Make sure you check this one out below.

Make Me a Sandwich (2020)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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8.14/10 (71 votes)