Horror Short Review: Lake Nowhere (2014)

Lake Nowhere is a horror short that is a throwback to the late-night gory grindhouse horror movies of the 80s. It attempts & succeeds at giving it a real vintage feel thanks to a number of silly trailers thrown in before the main feature. Of these it’s Harvest Man that really stands out, a movie that I’d love to see a full version of!

Lake Nowhere 3

Once Lake Nowhere does get going it’s beset by tracking glitches & cuts to home movies. It’s supposed to give it a bootleg video tape feel (which it does) but it’s a bit much at first. Thankfully the quality does improve as the plot gets going.

No surprises here. A group of young adults arrive at a secluded cabin by a lake where they do what all young adults do in these situations. Get drunk, do drugs & have sex. Basically don’t get attached (not that it’s actually possible as there is no time for character development).

Lake Nowhere 4


They’re not alone though. In the woods the Masked Maniac is watching. An imposing figure when he does begin his assault, the gore flies in hilarious fashion. The use of practical effects real helps these moments stand out with a beheading being a particular high point.

Cue lots of screaming, lots of panic & lots of dead bodies. However, Lake Nowhere isn’t just a slasher flick. It incorporates some supernatural elements too adding an extra layer to a fun horror film.

Lake Nowhere 1

It’s a rough looking film (as it’s supposed to be) with extreme close-ups & shaky camera work confirming its low budget nature. It’s not a complain as more is done with what the filmmakers have then many higher budget horrors. It has moments that are genuinely creepy (props to Nathan Andrew Wright for playing his role with such gusto) & the 80’s synth music really fits the mood.

Lake Nowhere 5

Amazingly the movie gets its run-time pretty much perfect. It’s not to short but doesn’t overstay its welcome at all. Everything flows & nothing feels like filler. Very impressive!

Lake Nowhere
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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