Horror Short Review: Knock Knock (2022)

A suspense heavy, chilling horror short. Knock Knock was written and directed by Alex Magaña, and stars Becca Buckalew and Willow Grey.

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Buckalew plays Kim, a woman seeing in the New Year alone in a hotel room. As the countdown ends and she raises a toast, the lights go off and she hears a faint, sinister whispering. Before she can get too freaked out, the lights come back on.

Just as she settles down to relax, she is disturbed by two short thumps on the wall behind her. She shouts to the occupant to stop banging on the wall but it continues. So, she calls down to the front desk to complain, asking them to go check it out. There’s just one small problem with that. There is no-one in the room next to her. In fact, she’s the only one on that entire floor.

That revelation alone should send a nice shiver down the spine which is where this short excels. Leaving it up to your imagination, allowing it to run wild and conjure up all manner of frightening scenarios. Inevitably, the short goes the way you might expect it too when we see inside the room next to Kims, but the build is exceptional. So good is it, that the cheap jump scare finale can easily be forgiven.

It’s a class watch. Check it out yourself below.


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Knock Knock (2022)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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