Horror Short Review: Incubus (2023)

From the extremely talented writer and director, Jaye Adams, comes Incubus. A disturbing and uncomfortable horror short with real-world parallels that are handled deftly.

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It’s a simple, but horrifying story that stars Mellissa Jackson and Ed Griggs. A woman is sleeping in bed when she is attacked by something in the shadows. Her blanket is pulled off, but when she wakes, she finds herself unable to move. Anyone who has ever suffered from sleep paralysis, will feel a cold chill run down their spine here.

However, as horrifying as that experience is, it’s nothing compared to what this woman goes through. Be warned, this short deals with harsh themes of a sexual nature. Check it out below if you want to be left feeling both frightened and uncomfortable.

A very dark and difficult subject, portrayed in horrifying fashion. Jaye Adams combines fantastical demonic horror with the real-life horror of sexual assault. Tying it all up with a shocking closing shot. The use of darkness and shadows in this film is exceptional, making the whole thing feel otherworldly.

Once again, imaginative and powerful stuff from the indie horror creator.


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Incubus (2023)
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