Horror Short Review: I Believe in Santa (2019)

Written & directed by Jaramiah Sabadoz and starring Jess L. Callaghan, I Believe in Santa tells a unique story. Beginning with Santa in a hospital bed talking to a young girl off screen. He tells her that no-one believes in him anymore to which she declares she still does. He says that’s because she knows he can hurt her and that he wants her to do something for him.

Cut to a warm and Christmassy home where a young woman is leaving cookies out for Santa while sadly looking at the presents that say ‘to me, from me’. She’s obviously a very lonely person.

She thinks she hears noises coming from chimney briefly before putting the cookies down and heading off to bed. She was right, there is something coming down her chimney. Something evil and operating under the jolly fat man’s instructions.

Want to find out what happens next? Check out the short yourself at the bottom to find out more.

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Nice and twisted, I Believe in Santa works on the premise that less is more and that the scariest frights that can be conjured up come from the imagination. It works as a disembodied voice drops killer implications as to what this night will hold. It’s an effective horror.

I Believe in Santa (2019)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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