Horror Short Review: Halloween Night (2015)

Released on October 31st 2015, Halloween Night is unsurprisingly set on Halloween night!

In it we see a young man trying to watch TV at home hoping to not be disturbed by any trick or treaters. He is not a fan of Halloween, something that is explained to us via an exposition phone call.

A note on the front of his door saying ‘no trick or treaters’ should be enough to deter most but then his doorbell rings. Answering it, he finds no-one at the door and when he turns to go back in the lights go out.

Lighting some candles, his night starts to get really strange when he hears a woman scream next door. He goes to look and sees blood splatter all over his neighbours window. Trying to call the police, he finds his phone is no longer working and then he hears the creak of the neighbour’s door opening.

It’s an amateur short but a decent one, none the less. An expected monster reveal/final jump scare never actually happens. Save for a shot of some dirty feet and monstrous noises. This is actually something I personally liked as the fleeting shot of the lit pumpkin on the door step was horror enough.

Some may see that ending as flat, but the avoidance of a jump scare that could be seen coming a mile away was far more preferable. Check it out yourself below.

Halloween Night (2015)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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