Horror Short Review: Easter Mourning (2020)

From the YouTube channel, Horror Flicks with Nick aka Nick Villeneuve comes Easter Mourning. An Easter-themed horror short that comes in at a little over 2-minutes but packs a decent punch.

A simple idea, done with a certain level of glee, a woman is relaxing at home when we see a person wearing a large bunny suit watching her from outside. She is oblivious to the person, even when they come bouncing up behind her.

Getting that sense of not being alone, she turns around to find no-one there but notices a pair of rabbit ears under a table decorated with Easter eggs and a basket. She investigates the ears, finding a bunny-eared headband but as she stands up, she finds the table is now completely clear of eggs.

It’s a good scene that has some strong creep factor and then we see the bunny standing behind her brandishing a carrot.

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What to see what happens next? Check it out below but be warned, it’s a little gross.

A solid horror short.



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Easter Mourning (2020)
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