Horror Short Review: Doggy See Evil (2017)

Robyn August already impressed us with his creative and effective horror short Snap that delivered a fright or two but he has outdone himself with Doggy See Evil.

The winner of the best micro short at the Hollywood horrorfest 2018, the plaudits this short deserves aren’t enough. It’s easily one of my favourite horror shorts ever. Inventive, creepy with an outstanding jump scare that will get every single person.

Doggy 2

It stars Jennifer Willens and August’s own dog, Sriracha. The latter is the adorable star sitting outside the bathroom door watching something unseen. The dog’s behaviour unsettles the woman (Willens) but when she checks she finds the room empty.

She turns the lights off, walks away and then hears a noise from inside. Turning back the dog hasn’t moved position. What is in there?

Doggy 3

A really professional short, Doggy See Evil looks fantastic with music that heighten the tension. The calm behaviour of the dog is very unsettling and if you have a pet that has ever done something like this, you’ll be especially creeped out.

In less then 2 minutes, Robyn August delivers a more exciting horror then many major-studio projects manage over 80. Even the jump scare doesn’t feel cheap, it’s earned and very effective.

Check it out yourself below.

Doggy See Evil (2017)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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