Horror Short Review: Close Your Eyes (2022)

Written & directed by Andy Chen, Close Your Eyes is an award-winning horror short that stars Vinny Balbo, David Illy Bennett and Maddi Estrada.

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Vincent (Balbo) finds his roommate Martin (Bennett) sleepwalking and pushed up against the front door of their home. As he approaches, Martin begins to talk. Speaking of a woman who told him to close his eyes and she will tell him secrets.

That’s a creepy start.

Martin then turns to Vincent and tells him that he can hear the woman too. All he has to do is close his eyes, knock on the door and listen. So, what does he hear? Watch it yourself below to find out.

Delightfully creepy and deliciously sinister, Close Your Eyes is a horror treat that has the professional build of feature length films. The tension and atmosphere it creates is at a high level and it pays all of this off wonderfully. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to sleep with the lights off after seeing this one.


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Close Your Eyes (2022)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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