Horror Movie Review: Zomblies (2010)

There are far worse ways to spend 50 minutes of your time and far worse zombie movies that you could watch. That might not sound like praise for the low-budget horror, Zomblies but it really is.

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Directed and written by David M. Reynolds who also stars in it alongside Lauren Shein, Christopher Dane, Daniel Drew, Scott Chester and Shahriar Abdullah. Zomblies is set in a world where a zombie pandemic has forced the remains of humanity to survive in isolation. With only ‘The Wall’ separating the living from the dead, there are few excursions into the land of the dead.

A distress call has a group of battle-weary rangers forced to go into dead territory but once inside they make the horrible discovery that there is a terrifying new breed of zombie.

It’s hardly the most exciting of plots but thanks to its short length, it moves at a snappy pace. This is a zombie movie in every way and offers nothing fresh to the tired sub-genre of horror. Even the ‘so-called’ new breed of zombies are just faster and more aggressive zombies.

The acting ranges from ‘fine’ to ‘awful’ but considering we have next to no actual characters, it hardly matters. There’s no time to care about anyone and the story hardly makes an effort anyway.

It sounds awful but it’s not. So, why bother with this one?

Simple really. It has fast-paced action and is packed with plenty of blood and gore. The effects are decent (the CGI – not so much), the zombie make-up is good and their feral nature is enjoyable to watch. It’s over very quickly and the final action sequence is quite tense and exciting.

As said at the start: there are far worse ways to spend 50 minutes of your time and far worse zombie movies that you could watch.


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