Horror Movie Review: Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway (1993)

A sequel to the 1986 film Witchboard, a middle of the road horror about a Ouija board/ghost possession, Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway sticks to the same formula to slightly better results.

It’s still not great but with improved 90s visuals (it looks so ‘that’ era), some decent performances and a fun finale, it is a worthwhile watch. You can read our review of the first film here.

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The star of the movie is Paige, played by Ami Dolenz. She is a young artist moving into a new apartment. Having split from her controlling police officer boyfriend, Mitch (Timothy Gibbs). He wants her back and confronts her the day she moves in to her new place. There he gets into a confrontation with Jonas (Christopher Michael Moore), another tenant.

Grateful for his intervention, Paige befriends the young man. Coming to him for advice when she starts to communicate with a spirit through a Ouija board she finds. The spirit claims to be Susan Sydney, a former tenant who was murdered.

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Paige begins to obsess over finding out just what happened to Susan. However, her behaviour begins to change, something Mitch notices. As a police officer he is in a position to help Paige investigate the supposed murder but he continues to clash with Jonas.

It’s odd, early on it’s clear we’re supposed to dislike Mitch and root for Jonas but as the movie develops the pair end up switching roles.

Will Paige be able to solve the mystery of the spirit and put Susan Sydney to rest?

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As the plot progresses, the links between this and the first become clear. Those who saw the first film will understand what Paige’s changing behaviour means. Although it does make the finale that little bit more predictable. The movie is often more focused on the murder mystery. With only hints to what the spirit actually wants here and there.

It’s got far too many dead-end scenes The constant talking will bore many particularly as the plot isn’t exactly complicated stuff. In fact, the movie preempts its twist ending so much. It might as well have a flashing sign above the real villain’s head throughout!

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Thankfully, that reveal is not where the film ends as instead, we get something more in keeping with the original movie’s plot. It’s far more fun.

Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway is hardly a classic but a great turn from Ami Dolenz and the flipping of character alignments for certain other characters is notable.

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Worth a watch if you’ve seen the original but don’t expect a cult classic.


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Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway
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