Horror Movie Review: Tsunambee (2017)

Originally released in 2015 under the title Tsunambee: The Wrath Cometh, the movie gets its digital release this June under the much simpler title, Tsunambee.

It would be very easy to sum up Tsunambee by saying ‘you know exactly what you’re getting with a film like this’. It’s called Tsunambee & has giant bees on the front cover. It’s clearly just another one of the many sci-fi horror’s that sprung up after the success of the likes of Sharknado.

Tsunambee 1

The most you can hope for with a film like this is that it is entertaining. You know you’re not going to get good CGI, good acting or much story. All you can hope for is that giant bees sting the absolute shit out of some people. We’ll be prepared to be disappointed as Tsunambee fails at pretty much everything. Choosing to instead take itself far too seriously & focus on non-interesting plot points such as a cop who accidentally shot an innocent man, a fathers’ attempts to protect his daughter & family loyalty. Thrilling stuff.

Tsunambee 2

Perfectly fine in most movies but this is called Tsunambee! That’s not to say it shouldn’t try to put together a coherent story or add decent character development. That would be great if any of it actually mattered or the cast where even slightly decent actors! This is a movie that promises giant killer bees & ends up delivering very little ‘bee’ action.

That’s the most surprising thing. Just how little actual bee action there is, instead the movie focuses on the effects of a sting. Where stung people become pale zombie like creatures. This ups the action a bit but is never properly explained.

Tsunambee 3

Los Angeles is in chaos, the end times are coming as atmospheric catastrophes forces two different groups of survivors to band together. Things get even worse when changes in gravity brings about the giant bees’ intent on killing everyone.

That’s the story in a nutshell. There really isn’t much more to it. It’s boring, uneventful & totally lacking in giant bee action! The ones that you do see are horrible to look, really cheap CGI that wouldn’t scare a child. The acting ranges from OK to absolutely terrible. Some of these actors are embarrassingly bad & a ‘twist’ ending offers nothing more than a ‘WTF’ expression.

Tsunambee 4

It’s not the worst of these types of movies you could see. It tries harder than most but ultimately falls short in almost every department. It just lacks any real entertainment value.

  • The Final Score - 2/10
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