Horror Movie Review: The Snare (2017)

In theatres and On Demand January 6th 2017 (US), writer-director C.A Cooper’s British horror-thriller The Snare from Uncork’d Entertainment & starring Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, and Rachel Warren.

Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force. As the trios food & water begins to run out, tensions begin to rise & desperation begins to sink in.


While hardly an original idea, The Snare manages to get so much right that you’ll enjoy it none the less. Touching on several different elements of horror, it’s a slow burn of a movie, taking a while to really get going but once it does it really pays off in style. What seems like a straight-forward evil spirit story actually deals with tougher subjects like mental health & the animal instincts of man & woman.


Most of the film takes place in this small apartment, a location that instantly feels oppressive. Visually striking, every shot seems to show just a little more as the movie develops so you grow to hate the walls the trio are trapped within as much as they do.

There are some pretty nasty moments here, moments that will churn your stomach as the desperation really sets in. The actors do a fantastic job of making it seem like they have no other choice. Really top stuff from everyone involved, they are all so watchable.

Fans of jump scares will get a kick out of this movie too as there are a few very effective moments that add another layer to a story that never really becomes clear until the final few moments and even then you’ll find you second-guessing yourself.

Was something evil keeping them in the house or was it all the delusions of a mentally ill woman?


This is a horror movie that requires a second viewing, a chance to watch with fresh eyes & pick up the clues as you go along. It’s a thought-provoking horror movie so those looking for buckets of gore should look elsewhere, the rest…settle down & let the darkness in.


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The Snare
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