Horror Movie Review: The Scrotum (2019)

No-one would blame you for seeing the title of this movie and dismissing it straight away. Also, no-one would blame you for seeing that title and expecting something utterly stupid and offensive.

What no-one could expect though is that The Scrotum plays it serious, has excellent gore effects and delivers a ripping homage to the 80’s Blob movie.

Written and directed by Troy Prater and starring Heath Hopkins, Matt Isbell and Wiley Jackson.

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A young couple are spending a weekend together camping but before they can get sexy together, the guy has to go shave his overly hairy crotch. Nearby, some illegal chemical dumping has taken place and the water is contaminated. Water that the guy is using to shave his sack.

It’s not long before he is doubled over in pain, so much so that he takes a razor to his beanbag. Free of its host, these meat clackers set about rampaging through the woods, killing anyone they come across. The situation is bad but about to get worse as the chemicals that turned the man marbles into a bloodthirsty monster are also making it grow bigger.

Heartbroken by the loss of her boyfriend, the woman is determined to stop the monstrous plums.

The plot is very, very silly and very, very basic if you’ve seen a monster movie before. It’s not exactly well written and has some really slow moments but delivers some impressive moments by taking things a bit more seriously. Hell, you might even find yourself caring about the main character and her war with the low hangers.

For everyone who might enjoy that aspect, there will be plenty that just want stupid amounts of gore and a nadgeristic monster. Well, the good news is that you’re going to get exactly what you want.

Though what makes it even more enjoyable is how, on a shoe-string budget, those involved have done an excellent job with the effects. These meat truffles are kept out of view mostly and it works in the film’s favour. Thanks to it having tentacles, when you do get a glimpse, the practical effect is impressive. The same goes for the buckets of blood that get thrown about with a liberal amount of glee.

It all combines to create a movie that is so much better than it had any right to be. It’s well worth being tea-bagged by this Scrotum.


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The Scrotum (2019)
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