Horror Movie Review: The Final Night and Day (2011)

The Final Night and Day, also know as Prisoners of the Dead is a low-budget zombie horror that puts a group of convicts and guards side by side to battle the walking dead.

Standing out within the zombie genre is near impossible now as the flesh-eating dead have become so ingrained in modern culture. Often easy and cheap to make, the amount of low-quality undead horrors out there makes it a mine-field to explore. Often it’s best to just avoid completely but should you venture in you might occasionally come across something rewarding. It’s rare though.

Sadly The Final Night and Day is not one of these finds but it also doesn’t blow your leg off. Instead turning out to be a relief-inducing dud.

Night and Day 4


The plot is nothing special, a mash of zombie flicks and shows over the many years. The only difference here is the dynamics between convicts and guards, something that could have been great with better characters and better actors. Instead we get a bunch of utterly tired and unmemorable performances.

Night and Day 3

One of things that works in the movie is that it isn’t trying to be a zombie epic nor a challenger to classics that reign supreme. It knows its place and instead tries to solidify that with some effective gore, decent zombie make-up and a ton of extras to really make the zombie hordes feel legitimately scary. One particular scene is very impressive considering the budget.

Night and Day 2

It’s got flair and a little bit of charm. With a better cast, better characters and a less familiar story we really could have had a great zombie flick here.

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The Final Night and Day
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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