Horror Movie Review: Spirit Camp (2009)

Paying homage to the classic slashers (namely Friday the 13th) of the 80s. Spirit Camp is a silly but occasionally entertaining horror movie released in 2009.

The plot is very basic. A group of teenage girls head off to to cheerleading camp, one of which is ‘goth girl’ Nikki (Roxy Vandiver). She is forced to attend as part of her rehabilitation having left a juvenile correctional facility. She immediately clashes with the cliquey & more popular girls in particular, ringleader Rachel (Julin).

Not that Nikki cares.

Spirit Camp 2

That is until members of the group start turning up bloodied & butchered. Early on in the movie we hear about the escape of a dangerous criminal from custody so naturally you have assume the two are related. Right?

Spirit Camp 3

Spirit Camp is a predictable slasher flick that can at least be called decent. Unlike a lot of low budget modern slashers, it has an 80’s look as well as the homage to Friday the 13th in its plot. It’s well put together & credit to Keery Beyer, who directed, wrote, edited, did the cinematography and played the role of Bobby, the gas station attendant.

He’s great in it, as are most the cast. Badly acted this isn’t & a few of the characters are surprisingly memorable.

Spirit Camp 4

While Spirit Camp might be referred to as a horror comedy, there are few funny moments. The most you might be able to muster is a wry smile at some of the more subtle jokes. Aside from that Spirit Camp is a solid slasher horror that keeps with the traditions of plenty of blood, plenty of death, some topless-ness and a few twists & turns along the way. Nothing that you don’t see coming but ones that are entertaining none the less.

Spirit Camp 5

Spirit Camp isn’t even pretending to be anything but the campy throwback it is & because of that it has its fun moments.

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Spirit Camp
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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