Horror Movie Review: Satanic Panic (2019)

Satanic Panic is a horror comedy film that was directed by Chelsea Stardust. It is a Fangoria production that released via VOD in 2019.

Sam takes a job as a pizza delivery girl but becomes increasingly frustrated when all of her customers refuse to tip her. She’s given a delivery in a wealthy neighbourhood but the customer in question doesn’t tip her either. With her delivery bike out of gas, she enters the property to demand a tip. Inside, she inadvertently interrupts the secret gathering of a satanic coven led by Danica Ross. The coven capture Sam after they realize she is a virgin.

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Sam awakens to find herself held captive with Danica’s disgruntled husband, Samuel. Samuel explains that the coven plans to summon the demon Baphomet but needs a virgin’s womb to do so. After Sam reveals that she is a virgin, Samuel says that he can save their lives by taking her virginity and tries to sexually assault her. Sam fights back. Samuel pulls a gun but accidentally fatally shoots himself as Sam escapes outside.

Sam flees down the street to another mansion where she rescues Judi Ross, the daughter of coven leader Danica. Danica had originally intended Judi to be the coven’s virginal sacrifice. However, after discovering that Judi had had sex to avoid this fate, Danica ordered Judi to be killed. Sam frees Judi and calls 911, but the call redirects to the coven instead.

Can she escape the relentless coven? Or will she become host to a demon? Check out Satanic Panic to find out.

I had low expectations for Satanic Panic after an opening that felt very cheap and amateurish. However, the film only gets better from there and ends up being something very good indeed. The concept is very simplistic but it’s a horror narrative that works well. I really liked Hayley Griffith as Sam. She does a great job of portraying someone that is thrust into a horrifying situation and must quickly adapt. On the whole, I found her to be a pretty likeable character who I rooted for.

There’s a delightful tongue in cheek vibe throughout Satanic Panic. Some of the comedy doesn’t quite land but it’s a damn fun ride on the whole. The goofy coven leads to some very amusing moments. You can tell the cast are having a blast hamming it up.

One aspect that really impressed me was the many practical effects used in the film. It all looks fantastic and once again proves that practical always looks better than CGI. The effort definitely paid off. Some of the camera trickery is easy to see but it doesn’t take too much away from it.

Satanic Panic clearly has its limitations but I found it to be a really fun horror comedy that I’d definitely recommend.


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Satanic Panic
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