Horror Movie Review: Redneck Zombies (1989)

Getting its original release back in 1987, it wasn’t until its home video premiere in 1989 that Redneck Zombies really got noticed.

Coming from Troma Entertainment, chances are you’ve already got an idea of just what kind of movie Redneck Zombies is. A silly, gory, gratuitous low-budget offering that has plenty of entertainment if you can get through the rubbish and Redneck Zombies has a lot of rubbish to get through.

Redneck Zombies 2

The film is centred around a lost barrel of nuclear waste that ends up in the back-woods of America. There it ends up in the hands of a group of hillbilly farmers who are stupid enough to drink from it. The end result? They turn into flesh-eating zombies! Unlucky for a group of city-folk who have just arrived for a camping vacation.

A bloodbath of gore and dismembered limbs is on the cards. Will anyone get out alive? Or will the Redneck Zombies eat them all!?

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It’s a Troma film and that brings with plenty to enjoy but plenty that will also make you roll your eyes. Now you’ll often hear people say that this is supposed to be a bad movie so criticism isn’t fair but that’s silly. Just because a movie is supposed to be bad doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be called out for lacking entertainment. Redneck Zombies lacks a hell of a lot in the entertainment department.

Redneck Zombies 4

Of course, it is badly acted, of course it is poorly shot, of course it is filled with nonsensical dialogue and horrid effects. This is a Troma movie and that is fine but it just isn’t very good. It tries hard to be funny but falls woefully short. The longer it goes on the more its hillbilly/dumb city-folks kids jokes start to grate and this is a surprisingly long film.

Redneck Zombies 3

It’s a twisted movie and isn’t expecting to be taken seriously. Which is clear from the over the top effects and gratuitous nudity. Redneck Zombies has all of that in abundance and if that’s your jam then you’re in for a treat. Die-hard Troma fans will probably see this as the best of the best of Troma but if their style has never been to your taste this is not going to change that.

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Redneck Zombies
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