Horror Movie Review: Most Likely To Die (2016)

Most Likely to Die is a slasher throwback that struggles to keep its head above water for most of its 80 minute run time. Originality within the sub-genre is long dead so all you can hope for is an entertaining ride with a decent killer reveal at the end.

Most Likely to Die doesn’t quite manage either but doesn’t completely fall flat on its face.


The story sees a group of former classmates meeting up for a party the night before their 10-year high school reunion. It’s a chance to bond; get to know each other again & in some cases heal old wounds. With such a short run-time it’s near impossible for anyone to get any development but it doesn’t really matter, we’re all just here for the killing.

Thankfully it doesn’t take long for the blood to start flowing as everyone begins to get killed off in a manner befitting their senior yearbook superlative. So should yours say something like, ‘most likely to enjoy relations with a pig’ you can expect to be choking to death on pig balls before the night is over.


Its fun but unfortunately doesn’t use as much imagination as it could have. I’d have really liked to see some wild & wacky ideas come out of this. Most likely to enjoy pogo sticks…most likely to ride an atomic bomb…most likely to create a Death Star, you know, just a little bit more imagination then drowning or stabbing.

Maybe the creative pool dried up after they came up with the killer’s costume which is pretty damn good. Based on a yearbook picture that the popular kids defaced, it looks amazing & is built up really well in a gripping opening sequence.

It’s easily the best thing about the movie.


A lack of interesting characters, standout acting & interesting deaths means much of the movie is just forgotten about by time the credits roll. The ending reveal isn’t that much of surprise (the film tried to lay it on a little too thick when trying to point the finger at one character) & the motivations sketchy at best.

New slasher movies are always welcome & expectations should never be high but it would still be nice to see a little more imagination used. Most Likely to Die takes a few steps in the right direction but ultimately fails & just ends up being a slasher that wouldn’t have stood out during the sub-genres highest point.


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